Beauty Beast

Our morning started very early..  For breakfast we ate avy chunder, and icy vertical bobsled tracks. Our first major wreck happened around 530 am.. It must have been a sign, telling us to  "call it a day" or "never give up."  Signs can be confusing.
Once we got on foot, things got a bit simpler. Mie Yamashita, attacks from the back.
Dave Basterrechea, for some reason was breaking trail.. I probably should have carried him on my back after the morning beating he took.
Its pretty special top of this peak..The north face starts to reveal itself
Spine heaven.. a bit leaner this year, so only one prominent spine truly goes the whole way. A spine that Daryl Treadway skied last year, wasn't happening this year.
The snow was cold and perfect.. It sloughed like crazy and thundered down the face.. Second year in a row, my gorb pro fucked up for some reason ( gorb operator error), so no shaky boring footage for you to look at.  If you like i could post the 15 minute clip of nothing, i recorded.. Its pretty sick.
Dave B gets in on the true north wall "the brain"
more dave b
Mie and Delaney shredded the lit up north east spines, with similar results of sweet pow and good times. A little bit of exposure.
Mie drops into the northside from the east.
The following photos were from last year on the same mountain, taken by awesome dude photographer , Brad Slack, for a article I wrote in Frequency TSJ. Going back this year really made me appreciate some of the images Brad captured on that trip..   a photo on the northeast spines
A gorb pro photo looking down the north east spines
Attack from the back uplift mofo party plan.  
Dropping into the North wall
I have been lucky over the years to have friends who carry cameras.. Some stories are hard to tell without visual aid.. 
It gets a bit steep.   Brad slack photo.
RIP Jack Hannan. We do our best to pay tribute to you, everytime we go into the mountains.


  1. Heavy Duty Crew !
    Stellar lines indeed.
    That approach is not a gimme- either is the pickup.
    Many levels of anxiety to the best day's in the mountains.

    1. alot going on- that's for sure...