Rocky Coast

We decided to head east, hoping for better weather.... It started to crack open enroute.
"This is just like the guidebook said it would be!"
There was a bit of bootpack posthole misery, heading up the ridge.. but the views were nice
Sugar snow isn't sweet
Chris Christie took the ridge-rot posthole to the next level, and fell into this hole!... Chris was skinning, so it was a big surprise for him that this hole collapsed and swallowed him.
Dave B and Jon J set up a quick anchor and fished Chris out.
Back to gawking at lines... The terrain is alot more rocky in this zone compared to areas closer to the coast.   Cool to shred amongst the rock walls
Stuff looks good when it is sunny
I photoshopped a pic of dave into this pic of sun and blue sky , as Dave usually likes to travel with a milk entourage.
I slid into my line
in and out
Jon Johnston making the mountain his canvas.
Dave B making the mountain, his own private idaho.
Chris Christie enjoying the silky smooth sensation, that is skiing on powder type snow.
Jon J
Round two, headed for the ramps
More sweetness out yonder way.
Union Brotherhood of the Posthole Service.
Some real nasty skinning, and bootpackery.  I cursed alot.
Can you spot the matching lunch kits.  
Dave and I wanted to drop in off the top of the nose...  Another nasty rollover with a pepper dance off the top and midway down.
We all tied our shoelaces together to see if we could get a look in.
Its alot nicer to look at with sun... This is a shot from last year, and looks a bit more filled in... We pulled the pin as the light went flat, and opted for the skiers left ramp.
yar, the flatness!... Jon and Chris headed right off the peak to a chute, Dave B hit the middle ramp , and i hit the small ramp furthest lookers right... Snow was good, it was fun to hit this wall after being chased out of here last year by spooky avy conditions.
We skinned up for one last "bonus" run.  Dave B goes further and deeper and drops into yet another  backyard discovery, with a half ass sun tint on it!... Ya Dave!
Dave makes two precise turns before pointing his snowboard downhill , through the choke and avoiding the rocks that dominate the landscape.  This is Dave Basterrechea's perfect moment.
Dave B getting his PHD in soulriding.
Mini golf land getting the late light. Sweet as mate!  


Grey means blue and blue means grey

The dick line was firing
Delaney polishing 
Commute to the lines, a couple maneaters out there.
The big guy was next
Delaney drops in the D.S.
Afternoon lines
Fish- ai!
I shred the fishbowl


Johnny Sandison is rolling over in his grave.

The snow is good...but getting clear skies has been difficult.  Back in the day you could blame the weatherman as he was the one source for weather info, but now i just want to punch the internet in the face.  Seems like you just need to be there, with patience pants on.
Chris Ankeny and Jason Schutz patiently waiting
I just about went home, and then out of nowhere it opened up.
Jason Schutz paying off his trip.
Kind of hard to see in

thats better
Chris and I admire Jason's powderhoundery.
It's sunny, better head home.


Stupid deep

Ankeny tunneling
It took all day , but we  finally got to shred a bit.  Jon Burr scoping.
Mie , powder boarding.
My Snowboard was a casualty of the trailbreak, so i got to borrow a noboard.   The run was hippy mellow, so it was perfect no-ing. I found this mini stack, good times.  

Day 2,  Dave B starting to believe me that it is stupid deep.
dave B downhill stuck
We got out our skinboards, and went deeper.  The snow was spooky, but managed to stick to hillside somehow.
Dave B, super short legs.
Slog fest getting out
slow motion skinning