Feb 27..

Snow conditions were a bit dodgy, so we avoided the big stuff and effed around on some ghost ride lines... Jake "Eddie" Bauer drops in.
Jake "eddie" thinking about another collaboration with GMC.
Sam Casavant ... too fast for Casio technology
Sam C avoids a firm lander
It wasn't shedding deep, but it was moving fast and often.


Mt. Scandinave First Descent

A crew of gorbs, tag the elusive Mt. Scandinave.  Some of the most gorb-tacular footage ever seen was captured..

DB Shark-fin soup

a couple more shots.. from Mt Boardwylde.   Delaney Zayac Photos

Dave Basterrechea, shreds a sharky spine at sunset... good on ya mate!
Getting Pow
always late for dinner


Mt Boardwyld

It was nice to ride in the sun...  dave treadway photo.

Ankeny in the shit.
Pow was a bit old, but it managed to stay preserved... 
Riding the mini knife line.

D. Ballsac attacks the shark spine

more of the Ballsac.
2 seconds to early.. but you get the idea.. extreme.
Some shredable in snow in the sun.. it didn't look good, but it rode, all nice like.
Dave Basterrechea, living on the edge.
Dave Treadway , ski-surfs the spine world

more gorb- proing


tg- peak

TG mountain looking good from far
Up close, it still looks good... 
But not this good... A johnny foon photo from a couple years back. A few more metres, and it will look like this again
I  got to try out , this new split board technology, i have heard so much about.  They actually split a perfectly good board in half, so you can ski uphill !  The miracles of modern science!
Dave Treadway prefers the traditional method, and uses alpine skis.  Boring! 
The views were sure nice, I think I could see potsy's house from here.
We tied our shoelaces together, and I belayed Dave into this... Looks like it goes?
a small traverse gets you into a chute, as the spines are still a bit of a shark-fest.
Dave Treadway.. half way down, perving on all the terrain in the area.
more views... Dave with granola country in the distance.
Gunsight... Docking point during the great flood.
Alot of sediment ends up in this lake.
More TG, looking a bit radical.

a bit of gorb-pro footy.


Mt Alder-Fack

The recent lack of new snow has inspired some exploration.  We decided to head to Mt. Alder-Fuck.  My face still hurts.
Daryl Treadway photos.
I wonder why they call it "Mt Alder-fuck"?
Oh thats, why.                  
But beyond the alder, was some views   
Blue over here, grey as fuck up there.  That's right, as fuck.

more stuff.

"We should plant some alder up here"
late light.. showing off some potential
Felt like being in the rockies... this area needs some snow.


ML winter/spring

I wrote a short article for the recent mtn life about hiking and riding currie.. Check it out
http://mountainlifecoast.flipzine.ca/2012-winter-spring/#/20/  ...print copy is everywhere.  Cover shot of Kye Peterson is sick, also a very good interview, inside.

Coast Mountains

adventures of D. Ballsac

 Delaney Zayac, Jon Burr and Sam Casavant got after it during the last high pressure, and got into the weart/owls zone in between wedge and currie.  Sounded like a slog in , but looks like it was worth it.  Delaney Zayac photos.  
    Insane Sam walking the fine line.
    Super bowl Sunday, watching the game at Chateaux Hiboux.

      Super big bad ass summit ridge.
     Real pretty up there.

     Insane Sam Casavant poised for another chalky turn.


the duke-ster

the duke-ster... 
Some radness in the area
Local Ski builder and legend, Johnny Foon, skinning up... Foon has been posting some sick stuff on his blog, like the legend of tantalus, the story of the east face slaying.

mellow skin for a bit..       Foon photo.
Both Johnny and I were a bit surprised how vert the cauliflower land got, we actually had to down climb, and re-route.
ain't no party like a cauliflower party.. I got to chew on it for a bit.    foon photo
We made it up, Foon scouts the entrance.. It was clean but had some serious exposure to the left.
Johnny drops in
Nice lines to be had, in all directions      foon photo
The north face was pretty sweet. Johnny gives it a eyeball.