the duke-ster

the duke-ster... 
Some radness in the area
Local Ski builder and legend, Johnny Foon, skinning up... Foon has been posting some sick stuff on his blog, like the legend of tantalus, the story of the east face slaying.

mellow skin for a bit..       Foon photo.
Both Johnny and I were a bit surprised how vert the cauliflower land got, we actually had to down climb, and re-route.
ain't no party like a cauliflower party.. I got to chew on it for a bit.    foon photo
We made it up, Foon scouts the entrance.. It was clean but had some serious exposure to the left.
Johnny drops in
Nice lines to be had, in all directions      foon photo
The north face was pretty sweet. Johnny gives it a eyeball.

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