Morning Shreds

It takes all season for these lines to shape up.. I  got to drop into a sweet one.. Dave Treadway photo
It seems like you got to trust your gut with the weather, and get up early and take the chance it could be shitty and go for it.  The weather forecasts are notoriously shitty and vague this time of year.  If its clear when you go to bed, you better set your alarm.  I have had better luck this year, just looking outside.
Dave Treadway photo.
 A couple days later, 700 am gnar for Daryl Treadway.. 
Dave and Daryl Treadway scoping a sporty entrance
Dave Treadway drops into a gem, in pretty much as good as it gets conditions.
Dave T
more Dave T
Dave T clings to the cliff edge, just to keep things interesting
At this is point in the line it has turned into a awesome powder party
The line that just keeps going.. Dave T in the whiteroom with some black curtains for reference.
Dave Treadway waiting for a window, as the weather rolled back in.

Pretty sure it was April 14.. but when you are this rad, the date doesn't matter.


April 11

The morning started out as a milky mixed bag..
but then it popped... we tested the waters on some small slopes, and finding good stability, we moved to some bigger stuff.  Dave Treadway shreds a spine
a bit intimidating 
The earth turned a bit, making this line look sweet.. Dave T finds some powder snow
I found powder snow, and some crunk too.
Ice cold Ice



I have been playing email tag with Justin Lamoureux for a bit of the winter, but I finally got to join him on one of his missions in his "backyard". Justin is trying to ride all the mountains he can see from his house in Squamish, which I think is about 30 or so. I guess he can see the backside of this one, and from knowing what was on the otherside, we were both stoked to ride it... 
Some sweet views, with lots of potential in the area.. 
Successful first descent by justin.. # hashtag  no ones ever skied this exact spot
Lots of fun lines to ride.. shaded and looking sweet. I had my eyes on a long broad spine line out of view.
 The snow felt like it had settled out nice, but we were pretty sure the top pocket was going to let loose, so we decided to cut a chunk of cornice off. Not that much fell off, but what did fall off, hit the sweet spot onslope ,and cracked off a decent sized avy, that ran the entire face.
pow cloud below hitting the runout
We decided to shred the slope, as she was pretty cleaned out now... We did our best to avoid hangfire, but we still managed to find some decent snow left on the walls.. The bed surface was firm, and I saw my reflection at one point.
Lots of shit rumbling off the walls, as it warmed up, it was time to get out of there
It's a jungle sometimes
Justin Lamoureux's  backyard...