Dragon Slayer

Last Spring, I went on a shred mission with Daryl and Dave Treadway, and photographer Bradley Slack.  I had been wanting to get some photos of this line for years, and despite the weather forecast calling for cloudy skies, I managed to tag this one at sunrise.  I am super stoked we got it, and I like how every shot in this sequence is pretty cool on it's own.  Frequency TSJ ran the fifth shot for issue 11.2, as well as a small write article.  Happy to finally capture this.

out there

Endless sunny skies has drawn us out to the usual spots, that dont really look like how i remember them
Dave B hiking the ridge.

I found a cool little chute, I have never seen before, as it is usually closed out by cornice.  I chipped my way in.

some scenery

a look at the drop in

oncc you were in, it was a nice shelfy line.

The spine wall, that is more rocks, right now.  The chute line starts in the very center of the photo, off the top of the ridge.

Everything looks a bit better with some light on it.

Dave B shreds out the bottom of the chute.