mellow pow - gorb session

Shredded some sweet mellow pow, out in yonder hills.  It was swell.
Hard to believe it's been 10 years this week, RIP Joe Strummer


The Goods

Brad Slack is as good with a camera as he is on a board..  These skills allow him to shred the gnar, but to also capture the moment.  It's always a pleasure to hang with Brad. It's nice to see some of his stuff get published- well deserved.  www.bradleyslackphotography.com

The Goods

Hidden deep in the coast mountains there are big north facing spine walls that are still untouched and are what any big mountain rider aspires to shred. This is the story of one of those lines. Joe, Daryl and I set out to claim a first down the north west face and document it at the same time. Dave B. met us the next morning after pulling an all nighter to meet us for first light.
Pemberton traffic
Joe has been developing his new avalanche airbag system , it just straps to your back pack.
Bridge building.
Moments after yours truly almost dumped her in the creek.
The Goods
Avalanche alley
Joe dropping into the warm up line
Dave B.
Daryl T. getting radical.
This is where the sleds started to act up.
And then disaster struck, Dave’s sled blew up and we spent the next 10 hours laboring to get it back to safety.
Daryl set up a 3-1 pulley to get us up a hill. We spent a long time here.
The next morning came all to quickly.
Dave was gracious enough to serve as the pick due to us loosing a sled.
It was a surreal morning with the morning cloud and the sleep deprivation hazing our accent.
This was my P.O.V.
Joe bagging a first on one of the burliest lines around.
A man and his mountain.
Daryl T.
We spent the rest of the aft. getting Dave’s Sled back to the trucks.
Dave after getting hauled out behind Dan T. .    Mission complete.
For the complete story check out Joe’s article in Frequency- The Snowboarder’s Journal Issue 10.1