Shredding frozen faces with frozen faces.

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We were given the thumbs up, so we kept climbing.

Ankeny exits one of the sweetest walls around.

New school mountaineers, baggy pants and crampons

Chris Ankeny on top of the line he hopes is pow.

Ankeny clings to the wall, thats unfortunately not pow

It's a Treadway gene, knowing where to ski when someone has a camera.
Dave perches himself on a sweet rib

Ain't no party like a frost bite party.. The winds on the summit of leatherface were cruel. 

Delaney Zayac leads the way up  mt. murderface

Dave Treadway gets into it.


Chris Ankeny  pov

Mt. Boom Boom

The entrance into the murderface.

Another pillar, no big deal

Next time i won't be shredding this in the shade.

skin boarder

more slayer horns

See how she fills in.


Powder Nooks and Books.

Dave B and Chris A scope a booklet entrance
dave basterrechea not breaking his sled
dave b white room party
I lost the ro sham bo, so Chris Ankeny gets to party.  

Chris Ankeny aka "Board Wild"

Garry Pendygrasse tests the waters


Powder and Crunk

the day started out gray, but started to break by midday which worked out great because the trees were crunked out and the alpine was blower.

alpine started to peek though the clouds
We did one tree run,  the top part of the run was fun, and the bottom was dust on crunk.
I got to sample a short straight shot at the top.

Chris Ankeny photo.
Ankeny slides through the choke
I have never hit this chute before, cool features along the way.
The vis got better, so we decided to hit some bigger terrain.  I found the entrance to my line,  when i dropped in ,it peeled, but i was able to get out of the way.
Chris Ankeny photo
Ankeny sends out a tribute to Craig Kelly, as it it was 8 years to the day that Craig Kelly passed on.

Ankeny on the skyline

Chris Ankeny wonders " what does this all mean?"


Shady Spines and Good times

dave treadway went pro with this video

the terrain at the top of the pass was looking nicey.  It was crusty though, due to high snrain.

I have been passing by this peak for many years, but it has my attention.

Delaney shady pow slaying

Brothers from another mother

Jon and I touring out to the billygoats      Dave Treadway Photo.

Sam and I scoping "Jack's spine"   Dave Treadway photo
Dave patiently waiting to drop in

I dropped into Jack's Spine

Jack Hannan skiing the same spine last year,  We sure miss you buddy.
Chris Ankeny Photo.


million dollar chute

It was supposed to be sunny, but ended up being merk-bird.. The chute has rocky walls, so there was some definition.  The snow was perfect top to bottom.

The line comes off the lookers left peak and down the obvious chute. The light was decent as well began to skin up

We decided to take a low line along the glacier, to avoid crossing a slope, not really sure if this is less gnarly, sweet view of the ice.

The face we were avoiding also looks pretty sweet to carve on .
There is a short bootback to the top of the line, it's pretty mellow, but exposed to a massive cliff below.  A avalanche took out a well known whistler ski mountaineer around this spot, I did not know him, but i always think about him when i cross through here.
Sam skiing perfect pow
Sam skinning out back to sleds.
This line usually fills in, never get around to shredding it. It's not skinny enough.