Powder and Crunk

the day started out gray, but started to break by midday which worked out great because the trees were crunked out and the alpine was blower.

alpine started to peek though the clouds
We did one tree run,  the top part of the run was fun, and the bottom was dust on crunk.
I got to sample a short straight shot at the top.

Chris Ankeny photo.
Ankeny slides through the choke
I have never hit this chute before, cool features along the way.
The vis got better, so we decided to hit some bigger terrain.  I found the entrance to my line,  when i dropped in ,it peeled, but i was able to get out of the way.
Chris Ankeny photo
Ankeny sends out a tribute to Craig Kelly, as it it was 8 years to the day that Craig Kelly passed on.

Ankeny on the skyline

Chris Ankeny wonders " what does this all mean?"

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