Weekend Warriors

Saturday... some sun, tons of cloud.. 100 percent chance of awesome!
Old spiney showed her face for a couple minutes
Looking in.  
Soucy and the boys scoping... It crapped out pretty hard, so we called it a early day.
The word on the street is Eric and
Dan had a good morning in this zone, today.

Day 2 - This cornitichiwa is having a fight with gravity... seems to be winning
Chris Ankeny shredding the dog
More dogging
and more
yes, still.
cant quite seem him, oh there he is.  
ankeny shreds the bubble spine world..
And then again with the merk bird
The snowstorm on the glacier, chased us away... Luckily it was sunny back at the trucks. 


round 3

Dave Basterrechea AKA flat light magnet.  Dave is ready for Blue.

Alot of times with Blue you get a northerly bitchslap

More Bitchslapping
DB punching a face in the face
DB post board breaking entrance
DB Perfect wave.  It felt like it wanted to let loose, but never did.
Delaney Zayac
I am assuming this was the best part of Delaney's day, because it turned gongy not long after this.
I am stoked you made it home, bud!
MSP was in the area
mellow camera man tow in
James Heim, getting ready to drop in... The MSP crew was super cool, and let us have some lines we had been scoping,  the first day.  They had a serious advantage over us, having a heli.  Day 2  we were looking at the same terrain again, it was their turn to go first.

James Heim shredded the crap out of this face, and came hammering out the debris field at the bottom, going mach and holding on.. Super impressive.  It will be cool to see on film.
DB and I shredded the spine
I am pretty sure dave had a good Bday
One of the nicest lines around.


Round 2

   We knew that the window was going to be short, but we went for it anyways.
Dave B, party barge captain
old dirty
DB  vertsing up.
this was fun
It crapped out fast... I radioed the boys shortly after this to say, that the line would not be too sweet to shred in flat light, a minute later, i called on the radio again to say, we got to go now!..
Lucklily we were able to retrace our steps in the whiteout.
Ankeny- Redneck superstar


Dave B - Snowwater

Whiskey Tahoe Bro,  Dave Basterrechea shredded Snowwater Heli  with Dave Short, this winter.  Here is some video action from the trip


Jack Hannan

Its hard to believe a year has passed since Jack Hannan passed away.. I think about Jack alot, and I am one of the many that miss him alot.
Jon and Laura rallied a group of Jacks close friends, to go spend a day in the mountains.  In the spirit of Jack, we went to one of the most remote nooks, in the local area.  Laura's sled getting some adjustments.
Sweet walls, but weather and stability kept us away from even trying.
I hadn't been up to this area, in a long time. Last time was with Johnny Foon, Jack, Jon, and Sam Casavant.  We had a pretty epic day, if i remember correctly.
I was stoked to hang out by the fire.. I guess thats kind of a pun.
The mountains gave us a couple signs.
Some photos from last year, the last time i got to hang out with Jack.
Jack/Jon and Laura
Ankeny and Jack about to have a look into the Billygoats.
I had more than a couple days with Jack, where we utilized the last light of the day.
We miss you Jack.
I missed Jack's memorial, to go into the Tantalus range last year with JD Hare and Damian Cromwell.
It was a battle for me mentally, but felt it was fitting to pay tribute to Jack in the mountains, by getting on top of this peak, Mt Alpha.  I shredded the sunny middle spine, and JD skied the lookers left sunlit shoulder
another view
JD and I started skinning up the glacier around 4:00 am, and made it up the back side by 8:00 or so.  It was boiler plate snow and ice; i was gripped and half asleep front pointing and tooling up the back of this beast. I was relieved when we topped out.
The winds howled all day previous, and through the night, so i was happy when my first couple turns on the spine were pow.
I think Jack would have approved.
more spine
i made my way through the hungry shrunds at the bottom, and met up with JD.
It was one of the sweetest lines i have ever shredded.