round 3

Dave Basterrechea AKA flat light magnet.  Dave is ready for Blue.

Alot of times with Blue you get a northerly bitchslap

More Bitchslapping
DB punching a face in the face
DB post board breaking entrance
DB Perfect wave.  It felt like it wanted to let loose, but never did.
Delaney Zayac
I am assuming this was the best part of Delaney's day, because it turned gongy not long after this.
I am stoked you made it home, bud!
MSP was in the area
mellow camera man tow in
James Heim, getting ready to drop in... The MSP crew was super cool, and let us have some lines we had been scoping,  the first day.  They had a serious advantage over us, having a heli.  Day 2  we were looking at the same terrain again, it was their turn to go first.

James Heim shredded the crap out of this face, and came hammering out the debris field at the bottom, going mach and holding on.. Super impressive.  It will be cool to see on film.
DB and I shredded the spine
I am pretty sure dave had a good Bday
One of the nicest lines around.


  1. ya mang, stoked for the Tee off, looks like a fitting cap for your season.

  2. Wow nice zone, is that in Canada? Where is it ?

  3. British Columbia, Coast Mountains