JD Hare .. Alpha Mtn Video

I had the opportunity to go into the tantalus range last year with JD.  Epic trip. Damian Cromwell and JD, did a great job documenting some of it.  I guess the helmet cam wasn't working around midnight.

Alpha's ivory shoulder?.. I thought it was called "the red lobster dine and dash."..  Not very marketable, especially in this time of peak lobster, it's just not politically correct.



forgetters perform "I'm Not Immune" in Chicago from WBEZ on Vimeo.

Jawbreaker was my favorite band when i was 16,  and they are still one of my favorites.  I had a sweet tape deck in my 82 chevy malibu, and Jawbreaker's "Dear You " was glued into it.
Jawbreaker broke up not long after it's release, and Blake Schwarzenbach eventually started a new band called Jets to Brazil,  that lasted about five years or so....
Blake took a hiatus from music for about six years, briefly started a band called Thorn's of Life, shut that down, and now.......Forgetters

Forgetters has released a four song 7 inch and digital download, that is reminiscent of the greatness, that was Jawbreaker.