sun+pow = good times

more gorb-pro action

Day 1... a 5 am start, greeted Daryl and I with milkbird skies.  We waited it out, and luckily it burned off around 9 am.  We tested the waters, and found the snow to be deep and stable.  It felt weird to shred in the sun .      Daryl Treadway photo.
not a bad warm up run.
some views        Daryl Treadway photo.
Sunrise is a good time to be in the mountains. 
I got my gorb-pro on, I got a stick of juicy fruit.   Daryl Treadway photo.
I think about this line alot... the rollover is one of the gnarliest around.
I drop in.     Daryl Treadway photo.
See what I mean by gnarly rollover
Keeping with the theme of gnarly convex rollovers... Dave Basterrechea shreds the big dick.
Dave Basterrechea utilizing his 4 hrs of sleep.
It was a bit of a pepper dance, but DB slayed it.
Captain D. Ballsac gets in on the action.  Pretty nice birthday line!
Cornices have built up, but there are still some sneaky ways in. We sawed one off in the foreground , and did a mini rappel in.    Daryl Treadway photo.
It's bubbly in there.    Daryl Treadway photo.
Delaney gets into a powy one.   daryl treadway photo.


A sweet edit, of Daryl Treadway, crushing some pow lines. We had two days of near perfect conditons and sun.

Daryl keeping it mellow 
 Daryl is the speck of dirt on the horizon line.. 
The slough scene, was pretty special.. I was considering moving at one point
Daryl.. sun and pow... milked out for me
Sweet rides to be had, Daryl shreds a sweet riblet.


spine slaying and heli dodging

The last couple days have been amazing...Finally some sun and deep stable snow.  I had a late start yesterday, and headed out around one, to meet up with delaney and chris.  I showed up to see them dropping in to these lines, I joined them for round two.. It has been a little unnerving the last couple days, with the heli-shred posse tagging shit in close vicinity to us.. That said, it was cool to watch Terje and crew shred a couple lines.
Ankeny partying like it's 1999
Ankeny enjoying the soft powder condition on the slopes
a couple dudes..spotty cell coverage up there.
D ballsac..  I shredded the centre spine.. gorb -pro coming soon.  Hang tight nerds!
more Ballsac
Ankeny surfs the great white wave
Delaney greases the Savard spine...


march 6..

Well, the high pressure came and went.  One day real blue, but the alpine got a bit wind pooched, but lower stuff was good.  The avalanche conditions are still tricky, and I have not been feeling confident about getting on anything serious.. A snowmobiler died march 6 in brandywine, not somebody I really knew, but I did work with him  back in 2005 on a forest fire up the elaho valley near squamish.  I was witness to him falling some of the biggest trees I have ever seen, as well as watching him bore into some monsters, so they could be packed with explosives, to later be blown off the stump.

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powdrton ridge

It was warm up on powdrton ridge, but snow stayed decent .  Brian storm shredding.
I also, shredded the warm pow...forecast looks good this week, hopefully the weatherman has got it right.


March 1

Another unforecasted blue day, but luckily we were headed this way anyways.
Wind Slab from the brief North Wind event, has made riding the bigger stuff tricky, as it seems to want to peel you off the mountain.   Not super deep, but fast moving.  Sam Casavant, in there.
Mie yamashita, powdering her nose... It was getting too tempting to step into the gnarlier stuff , so we moved on. But yah, it looked good.
Blue Sky doesn't last long in these parts... In coming cloud made for some swite views, pre- milkout.
 Insane Sam Casavant
More Ballsac
Mie, burning out.

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