sun+pow = good times

more gorb-pro action

Day 1... a 5 am start, greeted Daryl and I with milkbird skies.  We waited it out, and luckily it burned off around 9 am.  We tested the waters, and found the snow to be deep and stable.  It felt weird to shred in the sun .      Daryl Treadway photo.
not a bad warm up run.
some views        Daryl Treadway photo.
Sunrise is a good time to be in the mountains. 
I got my gorb-pro on, I got a stick of juicy fruit.   Daryl Treadway photo.
I think about this line alot... the rollover is one of the gnarliest around.
I drop in.     Daryl Treadway photo.
See what I mean by gnarly rollover
Keeping with the theme of gnarly convex rollovers... Dave Basterrechea shreds the big dick.
Dave Basterrechea utilizing his 4 hrs of sleep.
It was a bit of a pepper dance, but DB slayed it.
Captain D. Ballsac gets in on the action.  Pretty nice birthday line!
Cornices have built up, but there are still some sneaky ways in. We sawed one off in the foreground , and did a mini rappel in.    Daryl Treadway photo.
It's bubbly in there.    Daryl Treadway photo.
Delaney gets into a powy one.   daryl treadway photo.


  1. ya, that's some of the best go pro I've seen, what an epic string of days that was. Stoked!

  2. Hell yeah boys! Way to get some!