The Burl Spine - Frequency 12.1

This piece I wrote ran in Frequency 12.1, along with Delaney Zayac's photo of me.  Bit of a shit scan, but you get the idea.  Always stoked to have something published in this mag!

Volkl Snowboards Catalogue

   Pretty stoked to see this shot run in the Volkl Snowboards 2015 catalogue. Brad Slack photo.


up there out there, eh.

Made it to the alpine in time for sunrise and waited for the stink cloud to burnoff

It did burn off, and then it got stupid windy
Looking down the burl spine
Looking back up.. some of the steepest earth i have ever ridden.. Stay tuned for some action shots.


oh hey there.

I've been slacking on posting the last month or so, for a variety of different reasons... Blown up computer, broken arm, etc.  But i have some material from the last month to share, so i will try to catch up in the next week or so.  

This series of shots is from early march, around the time the "real" part of the season started.  The snow started to stick a bit better, and some of the fun lines and spines started to fill in.

This is a beaut of a spine, just mellow and fun.  A huge avy cycle had happened a day or two before, but this morning was blue, and the snow had tightened up well.

Felt good about the snow, and started to get into the spicier lines.  The lower snowpack, has meant that the cornices are smaller, so it has been nice to get into some lines that are usually closed out.  I haven't hit this one in 6 years.

The bubble spines...


Dragon Slayer

Last Spring, I went on a shred mission with Daryl and Dave Treadway, and photographer Bradley Slack.  I had been wanting to get some photos of this line for years, and despite the weather forecast calling for cloudy skies, I managed to tag this one at sunrise.  I am super stoked we got it, and I like how every shot in this sequence is pretty cool on it's own.  Frequency TSJ ran the fifth shot for issue 11.2, as well as a small write article.  Happy to finally capture this.