Splitboardn the Murderhorn

Opening day on whistler was fun but the south end of the range warmed up during the last storm.  The north managed to hold some cold snow.
Blue Bird Day... Looking across the valley, the sunny slopes looked inviting - we decided to hang out in the shade.

Insane Sam aka Stem Christie aka Sam Casavant leading the way. Fueled by the awesome power of apples.


Nice to finally reach the sun

Bone zone but fun

Sam ties into one

Shark fin soup out there, but some nice snow to be had.


Volkl Snowboards Catalogue 2015-16

Stoked to get a shot in the recent Volkl Snowboards Catalogue. I decided to drop in before the sun burned off the cloud, not strategically but out of a lack of patience.  Cool to see a b/w shot turn out. Alex Papis photo