merry xtremas

  After nearly a week on the coast for Christmas, It was good to come home to some deep snow...  Lean on photos, too busy getting awesome.   
Boot packing took some effort.  Ankeny in it.
It took a bit of this.     Chris Ankeny photo.
to get here. We avoided the gong show, at treeline and tiptoed into the alpine.
Stoked to try the Volkl Selecta in deep pow,  it's a super fun ride.
Play safe out there,  condolences to friends and family of Duncan.


throttles and ice axes

Just flipped through latest Powder photo annual.. I (as well as delaney, dave B ,jon john) got a bit of a honourable mention, in a article about sled-ski mountaineering. Oh and there is a photo of me sitting on my sled promoting CFR products!  


Boot Packin !

Breaking in my new Volkl Cashew, in the inbounds backcountry.  Lots of lines that are good to go, and nobody to be seen.  Not complaining.
It's pretty fun to shred this place without the kooks.

Opened up another line, on my second lap.  The air out was bigger and flatter, than i  had hoped, but the landing was soft.   
Billygoat to sweet pow pocket.
 Corona bowl let loose with this Heli Bomb triggered avalanche.