Brown Acid Ridge

Just came off a handful of good days, on some local hills..

More surprise blue, and stabliity allowed us to get into the alpine.  I powdered my nose.  Zayac. Instacrap photo
Day 3.. Pillow shredding.. Hit this triple stack on the right, Last pillow had a goal post exit.  I stomped it, then tomahawked..  Totally stuck it.
Day 3 - The top part of this run was a bit of a skate park

 Day 2 - This line was sweet.. I thought it might peel out, but the snow stuck and i got out of there in good time.
Zayac photo via instacrap
Day 3 -POV pillow smashing..


Peppercorn Ranch

Mie Yamashita getting awesome
A bit of a surprise day, sweet snow and super blue skies.. A bit lean out there, but shreddable.  I enjoyed it.
Ulla ties into one
Jon and I shredded this hallway
Ulla in the whiteroom with black curtains
Mie shreds the Mt. Cousinfucker weed run


Gorbing Glory

Eric Soucy party bowl, looking a bit bony.  A couple of them go, eh?
A couple classics, sticking out above the fog.
Dave B, distracted by too many photo ops..  A Heli with a cineflex flew by, they must have got some nice shots.  
Pontoon Peak
Our Run, looking all nice like.  Half lit up, half in the fog.   We got lost for an hour at the bottom, trying to figure out where we were.
Dave B shreds into the fog
Dave Basterrechea posing.. The fog eventually swallowed all the mountains and us as well.  Mellow 30 kms of glacial travel in pea soup, in order to get back to civilization. 

a bit of morning gorbing


Been Everywhere, Man

Jon Johnston invited me on death march, to go ski some close but far lines, around pemby.  It was a 15 hour day, with not much time to do anything but skin and shred.  Lots of sweet views.
 After about 5 hrs of battling through treeline, we reached the alpine.  Sun was out for a bit.
Some of the small stuff, looked rippa, mate.
After 6 hrs we reached the top of innagaddadavida.  Fueled by Clif and his energy bars, I do some skinning post bonk-out.
Jim Martinello photo
The line off the top was pretty obvious, but since none of us had been there, the steep rollover looked threatening . I slid in first, and found super sweet snow, and a nice chute, that was pretty damn long.  Not sure why I haven't hit this line before, maybe because it has a stupid name?
Jim Martinello photo.
Adam gets in there.   Jim Martinello photo.
It was sweet business, the whole way down... was expecting variable snow, wasnt.  Adam in there.
Jim Martinello photo.
Jon J looking down the gut.. We partied with the fog, a bit,  but there was lots of rock around for definition.  Jim Martinello photo.
Jon J
The next 4 hrs, was again, a battle.  Steep Skin'n, and death marching.. Good time for my skin to turn into a piece of shit... Duck taped and moved on.  Got on top of currie just slightly before Sunset.  I was fucking worked.  We dropped into the pencil chute, which amazingly had perfect pow in it.
The rest of the ride was in the dark,  which I was ok with, as it was familiar terrain.. We could have used a hour or two of extra daylight... There was no outs, on the back, so we were pretty much committed to skiing the north face... Stupid long day, but stoked we got it done
Line 1- Livin the pura vida loca.. Sam Casavant photo
Line 2- Mt Currie Lookers left Pencil.  Serious Shit battle getting out of the bottom of currie right now. It's time for local shreds to do some community service.  


Rocky Gems

Dirty Waves

It was nice to be back in some of the local hills, but flat light prevented maximum shredability.. Still fun though, eh!
Some brief sunny moments
Ankeny sneaks in a run, before the flat light rolled in
D. Ballsac shreds the merk wave
Jon Burr shreds some fast pow, reaching speeds of 300 km/h
Despite the lack of real snowfall, its still noice out there.
Jon B had a pillow fight.