Gorbing Glory

Eric Soucy party bowl, looking a bit bony.  A couple of them go, eh?
A couple classics, sticking out above the fog.
Dave B, distracted by too many photo ops..  A Heli with a cineflex flew by, they must have got some nice shots.  
Pontoon Peak
Our Run, looking all nice like.  Half lit up, half in the fog.   We got lost for an hour at the bottom, trying to figure out where we were.
Dave B shreds into the fog
Dave Basterrechea posing.. The fog eventually swallowed all the mountains and us as well.  Mellow 30 kms of glacial travel in pea soup, in order to get back to civilization. 

a bit of morning gorbing

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  1. thanks for the nod, looks like another crazy mission for you guys(got lost 1hr at the bottom)awesome site.