spine slaying and heli dodging

The last couple days have been amazing...Finally some sun and deep stable snow.  I had a late start yesterday, and headed out around one, to meet up with delaney and chris.  I showed up to see them dropping in to these lines, I joined them for round two.. It has been a little unnerving the last couple days, with the heli-shred posse tagging shit in close vicinity to us.. That said, it was cool to watch Terje and crew shred a couple lines.
Ankeny partying like it's 1999
Ankeny enjoying the soft powder condition on the slopes
a couple dudes..spotty cell coverage up there.
D ballsac..  I shredded the centre spine.. gorb -pro coming soon.  Hang tight nerds!
more Ballsac
Ankeny surfs the great white wave
Delaney greases the Savard spine...


  1. Joe Lax! I think we worked together at Deer Lodge a while back... 1995 or 1996? Glad to see you're still living the dream. Your blog is gnarly - good daydreaming for an office jerk like me.

    Chris K

    1. yah bud.. think it was 96/97 ? Did you move back to Nova scotia?..I guess i stayed on the shred path, glad you like the blog.. I think I have some old photos of you hitting some haggard jumps at the lake. I hope you get to shred a bit still..