million dollar chute

It was supposed to be sunny, but ended up being merk-bird.. The chute has rocky walls, so there was some definition.  The snow was perfect top to bottom.

The line comes off the lookers left peak and down the obvious chute. The light was decent as well began to skin up

We decided to take a low line along the glacier, to avoid crossing a slope, not really sure if this is less gnarly, sweet view of the ice.

The face we were avoiding also looks pretty sweet to carve on .
There is a short bootback to the top of the line, it's pretty mellow, but exposed to a massive cliff below.  A avalanche took out a well known whistler ski mountaineer around this spot, I did not know him, but i always think about him when i cross through here.
Sam skiing perfect pow
Sam skinning out back to sleds.
This line usually fills in, never get around to shredding it. It's not skinny enough.

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