Shredding frozen faces with frozen faces.

This blog is brought to you by the good people at the ice scratcher corporation.

We were given the thumbs up, so we kept climbing.

Ankeny exits one of the sweetest walls around.

New school mountaineers, baggy pants and crampons

Chris Ankeny on top of the line he hopes is pow.

Ankeny clings to the wall, thats unfortunately not pow

It's a Treadway gene, knowing where to ski when someone has a camera.
Dave perches himself on a sweet rib

Ain't no party like a frost bite party.. The winds on the summit of leatherface were cruel. 

Delaney Zayac leads the way up  mt. murderface

Dave Treadway gets into it.


Chris Ankeny  pov

Mt. Boom Boom

The entrance into the murderface.

Another pillar, no big deal

Next time i won't be shredding this in the shade.

skin boarder

more slayer horns

See how she fills in.

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