tg- peak

TG mountain looking good from far
Up close, it still looks good... 
But not this good... A johnny foon photo from a couple years back. A few more metres, and it will look like this again
I  got to try out , this new split board technology, i have heard so much about.  They actually split a perfectly good board in half, so you can ski uphill !  The miracles of modern science!
Dave Treadway prefers the traditional method, and uses alpine skis.  Boring! 
The views were sure nice, I think I could see potsy's house from here.
We tied our shoelaces together, and I belayed Dave into this... Looks like it goes?
a small traverse gets you into a chute, as the spines are still a bit of a shark-fest.
Dave Treadway.. half way down, perving on all the terrain in the area.
more views... Dave with granola country in the distance.
Gunsight... Docking point during the great flood.
Alot of sediment ends up in this lake.
More TG, looking a bit radical.

a bit of gorb-pro footy.

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