out yonder way

Forecast called for blue, but the old merk-bird flew in . Aussie Aaron, dodges a few slabs on the way down, dreaming of when it looks like this again

D. Ballsac gets in on the merkybird action.  The lower shred was not what we came for, but was fun.

Classic end of day, blue up.
2 days later.. 
Daryl Treadway, early morning uphill aggro-sled.  A couple trys, and we made it up.
Inversion , made for some swite views.  Forecasted temps was for very warm in the alpine, but it seemed to stay cool.
Daryl gets on the wall, starting to fill in a bit... 

Daryl going for more.
 A Plane getting awesome
Another view
We checked out another wall.  Daryl exits the boomerang.
I enjoyed some powder type turns.

Some launch-ables in the area.

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