Old Dirty Sampson

Things were looking nicey, at sunrise... although that orange tinge usually means milks a coming.

other stuff looking good 

The morning views were pretty special.
Callum, Ian and Dave (hidden) punching up

Fat Ski enthusiasts
Views from 9100 ft.  Lots of shit got bagged during this last high pressure, by a bunch of different crews.

Dave Treadway drops in, Callum Pettit looking down. There was some exposed glacial ice on the face, so they utilized a rope.. I dropped in just up the ridge on a vert spine wall, snow was ok, and wasn't as bad as it looked
Callum and Ian Macintosh on the mellow middle
some ice
Extreme alpinist
The mountain gets serious again near the bottom.. We exited lookers left... high traverse out of view
callum... post-shred ponder.

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