100 percent chance of Sun or cloud.

It is often hard to get a sunny day in march, around here.  If the forecast says sun and cloud,  you will more than likely be window shopping.  If you get a couple windows, then it is worth your time.

Sun, cloud and snow!.. It was deep out there, and for a well beaten zone, I was surprised to be trail-breaking.
The main face has some nice lines on it , but gets exhausted quick after a few shreds  hit it. The lookers left section of the face, rarely gets hit, as it is protected by a good sized cornice. I am always drawn to this side of the face, but the cornice makes it really difficult to access.  I could see from a distance there was what looked like a access point with a reference rock on the ridge.  I tiptoed out there, and there was a tiny (about one foot) slot that accessed the face along the rock,  with a sneaky entrance under the barrel of the cornice.  I got my shovel out, and dug my way in for about a hour or so, filling in the deep hole along the rock edge. I carved a wide entrance, so i could slither under the cornice with ease.  I hung out up there for a while, waiting for the light to unflatten.  It finally got to the point where it was good enough, so i had to man up and ride under the wave.
It was a short, steep bubbly spine world, that was worth the wait and effort.  I  quickly went back for another lap after this one. Jon, Mie and Delaney  decided to join me on the next one, as the door was now opened.
This is shot from a couple years ago on the same ridge lookers right , it took me some time to get into this line as well.       Delaney Zayac photo.
It started to brighten up before sunset, as some gems  started to catch some sweet light.


  1. Nice burrowing. Snow Badger don't care.

  2. looks like you guys got into some rad stuff in the last bit, weather has been a bit of battle though, eh?!