Booklets, windows and glory spines

The day started blue, but we had a idea our morning would look like this.  A big stick brings Dave Basterrechea to an instant stop.
We punched the trail, but the weather didn't want to cooperate.  
 We took the shortcut back and admired some pillows.
I took an even shorter short cut, almost made it.
More sun and cloud forecasted, the morning cracked blue again.
A couple steep treeline climbs got us in.
More of a late light zone, but still epic in the morning shade.
the fog bank looked sick with the illumination from the sun.
The Daves, already into sun and cloud window shop mode.
Dave B instructed me to ride the sunny rib line, i listened.
Dave B drops into a spine on the other side.
The ridgeline is pretty corniced out, so it required some careful moves to find the entrances. I was pretty happy to see this flake.
Same line from the bottom, a couple fun airs in there.
Mack the Knife.  Dave B shredded this line last year, he  warned me it would be rocky.
It was catching a bit of light, and looked like a fun toeside shred.
token snowboard drop in photo
It was rocky,  a couple feet of sugary snow on it, that peeled to rock with each turn.  I was a bit gripped.
Meanwhile across the valley, Dan Treadway and Seth Morrison were about to session some lines nearby with a heli.  They had already buzzed us with the heli earlier in the day, so we had a feeling we would see them again.

Dan shreds a fun one
We decided to sled over to say hello, and possibly shred the left overs.  The snow was deep, and was a bit of a effort to make it to this spot.  Seth and Dan packed up and we instantly started breaking trail and hiked the ridge.  Little Bro Dave, stoked!
The leftovers were blowing my mind. 
i dropped into the middle spine
The snow was deep, and made some noise as it slid off the cliff
It skinnys up in the middle, but flows the whole way.
good times spine exit party
Dave Treadway opts for the super skinny skiers left spine
more Dave 

Dave Treadway looking for his glove


  1. Hell yeah boys - way to tag some juicy ones! Love it.

  2. those left overs look tasty. sweet.