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It's the beginning of March, and I can't help but feel a bit anxious, as the real shred season is upon us. The north faces begin to reveal their beauty, and the clock begins to tick.  Delaney Zayac has been shooting photos for years.  A dude who likes to ski, but happens to bring a camera as well.  Although, I think he is skiing with a light pack these days.. Here's a couple shots from the last two seasons.
Dave Basterrechea onslope shot... Glorious day in the ass end of nowhere.
Early Morning on one of the most perfect shred days, I have ever seen.
Dave B and I wasting no time climbing this beauty, as Delaney negotiated with a Heli- Film crew eyeballing the same shit.
Too stoked to properly communicate with Delaney about where I was going, but he managed to catch this shot.
Dave B, on a lower flank fun run.
Less of a fun run for me, I got out of the way
Daryl Treadway and I, sniffing out some lines
Dave B dropping into a nicey one.. Delaney usually takes photos from this angle and then he downclimbs to meet up with the rider.
Or Delaney uses this angle, and offers a handrail to the rider, showing them the way down. Chris Ankeny not too worried about sloppy seconds.
Delaney thought it would be a more dramatic shot if Daryl Treadway and I stood on top of this cornice.  A edge of the world type shot.  We thought it would look lame, not gnarly enough.
Daryl T, trying to get out of the sunlight
Such good conditions this day.. Perfect for hitting this line.  Although this photo only shows a small portion of it.  It gets kind of serious lower down.  I have this one burned in my mind.
We are a little bit obsessed about weather.. It's funny they never forecast "stink cloud", or "china smog", "shitbird", etc.  It can make for nice photos, though, eh?
I really like this photo
Delaney Zayac powder enthusiast, farmer, philantropist..  master debater, etc.

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