march 25

Another early morning, but also a race against the clouds, as the stink formation moved east. It made for a pretty nice sunrise though.
Delaney usually likes to instagram latte art, or his breakfast, but i somehow managed to make it onto the roster.  zayac instapoach
I had my eyes on this line, but a major cornice fall cleaned out the runout.  Its usually where you need to go fast, to dodge sluff.. so i backed down.. 
The next line down the ridge was the next obvious choice, and  it was looking good to go.  The rollover is spooky sweet. The snow got deep as i crested the edge, but it held. It was extreme.
Delaney Zayac photo.
post shred analysis
Delaney polishing the knob.. A bit more rocky than other years but still pretty damn fun.   
More D... 
Py Leblanc always charging
and stomping
We managed to squeak in round two in the sun.. D, enjoys the silky soft sensation that is skiing, the powder.
One of the realities of D's  line.. If it slid,you could end up stuffed in here.  Probably a woolly mammoth or sabertooth tager in there.

gorbs on film..

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