Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat Springs Colorado

some gorb-pro action
A strange morning, that started with a full on snowstorm, then hours later, the sun shone through to illuminate deep low density pow coating the glorious mountains.  Dropping into our first fun, the broad ridge felt loaded, and as such, the slope below pulled out, and made a impressive plume. It was spooky, but not the slope we were headed for.. It didn't really inspire confidence, though... East Facing slopes become trouble, this time of year.
Some clouds rumbling around.. surprisingly held off for the most part.
looking up
Looking Down with Daryl Treadway.. Hashtag# looking down # snow # hashtags are fucking stupid# #in the shit # # Reo speedwagon.
Reflection looked cool..  Thanks for standing so still Dave B.
Day 2..  Different zone, snow had tightened up substantially.  Milky but enough light to make it fun.  I burrowed in again.
  This was a fun line...a Zayac instagram poach 

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