Revelstoke Resort backcountry, yours to explore, with a whole bunch of other people.
Revelstoke Gondola
Alex Papis photo.. I got the invite to revelstoke, by the volkl snowboards euro crew to do some shredding.. A good bunch of dudes, we had some challenges with weather and some logistics, but we got some fun shredding in, and it was fun to go somewhere else, as I am always seem to be distracted by my home zone.

We flew a day with Selkirk Tangiers, Stumbach ambassador, "Stani" has a look at the terrain. 
We had 2 hours of safety briefings before we could fly, and in that time, the bluebird flew away, leaving its stinkier cousin, the shitbird, to fill the skies.. That said, I got a good look some cool terrain and rode some pow.. I had some things in mind for this face, but we decided to save the jetfuel, as the light got worse. First world problems.
We hit some of the lower pillow terrain, off the resort. Surprisingly untracked a few days after a storm.. Lots of stacks, but some challenges finding suitable landings, but if you could find the broom closet transitions, it was a good time.
I sniffed out a staircase
Ueli Kestenholz 
Ueli finds a little powy nugget.. Always a bit challenging on the ski hill, as there are always bombholes and tracks in most places.. We did pretty well, considering.
Micheal "Stani" Stanschitz was hungry and throwing down off most things, stomping often, but  also taking some pretty solid beatdowns as well. He was fun to watch.
Being a tourist can be tough, there was lots of inviting terrain that was easy to drop into, but questionable about how to get back.  There was a reason it was untracked.  Locals only, brah.  
The close terrain was cool, but the further terrain looked amazing.  We were supposed to get the heli again for this day, but we were bumped by a slightly bigger budget crew, called the sherpas or something.
Mac Daddy face, the world freeride competition venue, good in january baked in march.. We saw some mates hit it gunfire style.  I thought everyone was a guide in revelstoke, who repeats the avy forecast, like they wrote it themselves.. "y'know the only thing dangerous right now is the cornices"
Roy "Boy" Broennimann scores a sunny window, and finds freedom on this open canvas.
I was distracted by the far-country. They call this face "the last drop." The lookers right line is called , "the village idiot".  
We found a sweet late light mini-golf zone, so did a bunch of others.. Good fun, nonetheless, and we all found something cool to ride. "Stani" found a fun stack.
I found a line in here, got lost for a few seconds around the corner, and out the lower shelf.
Ueli, capitalized on my lack of creativity, hiked up and found this little shelf just before sunset.
Sunset was pretty neato.
Due to Revelstoke's proximity to Alberta, a pipeline from Fort Mac pumps sweet bitumen to fuel this outdoor fireplace.  Also, due to the abundance of bitumen, these fires burn 24/7.  We enjoyed some beers beside them.

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