Not really mini-golf or the place to "test the waters". But snow was feeling good, so we headed up.
Of course the bluebird only lasted so long.. The first rollover cracked off, and made some noise when it came down.  It wasn't that surprising to see it go there.. We hugged the ridge down, and stayed out of trouble..  I got in there.  Johnny Foon photo
Despite the cleanout, the snow was pretty nice.  Johnny Foon photo.
The lower portion of the peak, had some sweet sun-lit cliffs, with an amazing landing zone.  Delaney Zayac photo.
I sessioned it three times.  Cliffs with steep landers are hard to find, sometimes. Mexican eagle takes flight.
Delaney Zayac photo.
Jason Schutz, super stoked on the timing of his visit!.. Testing out his 80 year old knee.
The clouds rolled in and out,  and the sun illuminated this face motivating delaney and I to hike up. The ridge was a bit gnarly with sugar snow and cornice on the opposite side.  It socked in while we were on top, but then a window appeared, so I went for it.  I kicked off a windslap on the top,  but as soon as the face opened I went for it with some speed. Johnny Foon photo.
It turned out to be pretty sweet, as I pinned it through the choke, hovering a good portion of rock and ice.  Apparently it ripped off behind me before the choke, but I didn't spend anytime looking back.  It was a super fun  line, and I called it a day after this one... Delaney, unfortunately dropped into his line, a super steep spine, in completely flat light, with suspect conditions.  Johnny Foon photo.
Mt Useless ( called that because the monster cornice line shuts down access) it almost looks like there is a way in this year.  Johnny Foon photo.