Japan 2010-

It's hard to believe a year has gone by, as last year at this time i was avoiding the olympics, and headed over to Japan.  I was blown away by the amount of alpine terrain, and got to sample a bit of it.

I was stoked that
Spray magazine from japan ran a shot of me riding this chute.  The shot in the mag was taken a bit further down the chute.  Marc Durand parked himself on the opposing ridge, to capture a larger line, but the conditions didn't line up.  The snow was surprisingly deep, and it put a smile on my face after climbing and downclimbing a ridgeline, that was about as heinous as it can get , due to ice and wind-fuckery.
I think this line is called "Bradley is a Aussie"
Marc Durand photo.
a very haggard down climb..     Marc Durand Photo
Ian Millar sampling "the haggard"
This gem keeps me up at night. It's not far from the resort, but seems like conditions really need to line up to get it good.  I hope Ian gets to tag it.
she's stacked out there

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  1. good timing, it was tagged today... by some dudes not name Ian.