The deep gets deeper

 People throw words around like "epic" and "all time" alot.  This was one of those days were those terms actually applied. Deep blower snow, that somehow stuck to everything.

It took a bit sled ninja-ing to get in. Dave B descending.
Snow was deep and cold on the ridge. It was a effort to gain forward momentum
Dave b airs in, already in the white room
Ankeny POV on a perfect wave
CFR cover shot
Ankeny in it.
Dudes and Bros
I raced up the ridge to shred this line in the light, the snow was neck deep so it took me a while. 
mexi- no grab.   
same air
Afternoon skin, looking up.
looking down
once you crack the ridge, there is lots of terrain to admire
Our skin track eventually merged with the goat highway.
Billy goat spines to good to be true.
mountains looking swite with a bit of late light
Ankeny out of focus and deep into the skiers right spine
dave B partied on a couple different spines on the way down.

Dave Basterrechea's Photos.

 Dave B dropping in
Ankeny in it
Hucking my human meat
 Snow Beardo
 Brian Savard Spines 
 Someone shredding

 My spine entrance
 Lynard Skinners

heading home
mmm beer

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  1. dang those pov's are swank. looks glorious out there.