Big Ol Blank Spot

Sunrise action at the parking lot
Views were nice down the PV
Ol dirty swenson/swanson
I enjoyed some bootpackery
Dave Basterrechea finds the good snow. 
 Chris Ankeny crunks over the exposure.
When i am not behind the lens and blogging, i also enjoy powder carving.
Dave B photo.
Dave B - ing
Ankeny scars the landscape.
Some overland travel got us here.
couple lines in there
Dave B. Photo
A bit of european tandeming got us here. Delaney Zayac tests the waters  in the Super C , Double D, Triple J, Big ol blank spot on the map couloir.
Snow was better than it looked
having a look
Dave B, sampling the double D , triple J , super C, big ol blank spot on the map.
A photo of Chris Ankeny from 1948, in the double D, triple J, Super C,  big ol blank spot on the map couloir.

It sure looked like shit, but it was actually pretty fun.
Mellow sidehill open creek exit to get here.

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