WB season opener

Another season is here.  I hit up Creekside bright and early, and ingested a fair bit of second hand "ross's gold" while waiting patiently for the gondi to open.  All the usual suspects were in attendance.
 Day 1 - Dave B busting the goat path.
 It was lean, but surprisingly good.  Dave B samples the pow and emails at the same time.
Day 2 - It wasn't looking promising, with all the huge crowns on the peak, but she tightened up over night, and they opened the access road. I made some key passes in bootpack hammer mode, and managed to make it up the peak in the first wave. The west cirque entrance as good as it gets. It is amazing how beat it gets as the season goes on.
Filled in-ish.
It's a nice time of year when the alpine lifts are closed.  Even though no one was around, I couldn't help but have that hurried feeling, thinking I might get poached.  
Frogs hollow. Some sharks out there, but decent for November.
I left a bit of ptex up on the mountain. It's still low tide out there.
But, apparently there is
46 feet in the forecast.

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