At least there is a tide.

Well, it has been a strange start to winter.. Lack of real snowfall, has made the coast mountains feel like a different place. I have been trying to get out as much as I can because we have some snow, and we still have mountains, so it still makes sense to get amongst it.
I decided to test out some of the steeper slopes.. This one shredded nice, but it eventually peeled down to rock, just out of view of this picture.  I wasn't surprised.   Foon photo.

Delaney and I shredded this zone over a week earlier.  No new snow, but still holding.  Delaney Zayac gets in there.
Delaney finds some creamy pow, on a sheltered north side.   Johnny Foon photo.

As the day went on, the temps got crazy hot in the zone, so we headed to the shade and toured up to a real gem.
At first glance, this line looked like a gnarly shark pit, but with sun shining on it, and the quality of the snow, I knew I was going to drop in

Delaney and Johnny Foon opt for the central chute off the top.. It is usually closed out by a cornice.  Foon photo

I was pretty stoked I got to shred this one.. Nice snow the whole way and totally shredable.  Foon photo
She was a beaut of a day.  We watched the sunset in the alpine and manouevered our way out in the dark.  In this photo, My line is barelyvisible on the ribbon of sunlight.

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