New Jersey

Jon Johnston invited me out to shred a hidden, but close gem. There was a half hour skin, but then it was straight up.  Classic Jon J shot, skis in tow, ghost holing his way up.
Jon wanted me to try out the soft boot version of these ascent plates. These things crush it out there, and make all other similar tools, seem like a joke.  If I am going to be gripped to the side of a mountain, I want my front points available, because conditions can change quickly. Billygoattech.com
More Jon.. Bit of a firm traverse over some exposure... A few ice climbing gems out there.
The snow got firm, and the travel go quick. When its that firm, every footstep counts.
The final punch got steep, but we charged it. We managed to dodge a small sluffalanche. It inspired us to move faster.
Jon cleaning out the drop in..
Jon offered me up firstys.. It was firm, but was soft enough to hold a edge..  With a couple spots holding a bit of soft snow.. 
Jon exiting the main part of the chute.. chalkboard.
view of the lower portion of the run..  This thing would be a party in pow.
New Jersey shoreline.  We hit the obvious line along shade/sun line

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