Rave Solenoid ( a tribute to a legend)

Bluebird turned to malk-bird, So we hit up, the world famous Rave Solenoid chute.  Freeskier, D.Ballsac drops in.
Dropping into the world famous Rave Solenoid Chute.  Just as the guidebook had predicted.  Super Sick!
The Milkbird effed off for a bit.  Lines started to look good again.
Starting to fill in, but definatly still a few bones out there.  
Milkbird came back, but it was good enough to shred.  I got to shred the D. Ballsac superspine.  It was a good time.  I decided to get gnarly on the pitch below the spines , and found myself clinging to the slope as I cleaned out a slope to down to rock.  It looked good but was only a foot deep!
I managed to shimmy my way out.
I enjoy some more powder type snow.


  1. Man that D.Ballsac is so radical, I wish I was him, what a sick shredder!!